'Three shapes and a mistake' VS. 'Objects, models & inspirations'

We are showing this time the new series of unique works by visual artist Carlos Caballero with objects created by designer Pieterjan...

This exhibition took shape due to a perfect dialogue between the works of artist Carlos Caballero (www.carloscaballerostudio.com who is showing here mostly recent drawings) against objects and models by (interior) designer Pieterjan (www.pieterjan.biz)

Both artists are playing a ‘home game’, as they live and work in Gent. We are witness of a new and fresh view on Contemporary visual culture as they both see this around. We are spotting some architectural elements, as well as re-used objects and materials that are used differently as before. You can discover unique works, smaller objects & editions, presented next to several vintage design items - supplemented by some pieces from private collections.

Please visit our website for the arts & dialogue (www.at-one.be)

The exhibition ‘finissage’ is planned on Sunday June 28th... the right moment to launch summer vacation! Please take note of this date in your agenda. After this opening (Su May 17th), we will organise few ‘view moments’, lectures, tastings etc... - mails will be sent in time.


Event Details

DATE : 17/05/2015 - 17:00

TYPE : Exhibition