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Supporting a warm project in Goljung / Nepal

A warm home for the children of Goljung/ Nepal

Goljung is a small village situated in the mountains of the Rasuwa district on the Tibetan border. All houses were destroyed by the earthquake in 2015 and with the meager allowance the people received, only a few people had the possibilities to start reconstruction yet. Poverty did not come through the earthquake, but it has been strengthened, enlarged and made more visible. We want to shelter the children from Goljung and neighboring villages, give them a warm home and continue investing in quality of life and education. The Centre will also become a meeting and workplace where women can practice their textile work. We want to provide sustainable support with our non-profit association VZW Rasuwa. A warm home for the children is our priority. Do you want to support us, do you want to help? Follow us on fb or mail to
Our account number is: VZW Rasuwa: BE08 9731 8511 2713

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DATE : 25/11/2018 - 14:00

TYPE : Event